Friday, March 11, 2011


Pictures are worth a thousand words here, needless to say, a new head is going on this weekend!  (Luckily, the cylinder wall is perfectly fine and the piston top just needs a little grinding to smooth out.)

Update:  Yay, new head in and running great:

Thursday, February 3, 2011

CLEAR - CLEARly Dissapointing

Tired of constant outages with my current ISP, I chose one of the few alternatives available - CLEAR.  CLEAR is a purely wireless high speed internet service that provides both internet service and home phone service.  I opted for the internet/phone bundle.  I ordered the service on Thursday and was very excited to receive my equipment via FedEx the next day.  Setup couldn't have been any easier, since the service is wireless I just had to position the CLEAR modem/router to get the best signal.  (I'm right between two CLEAR towers, so getting 4-5 bars of signal hasn't been a problem, even in heavy rain.)  For the first week, I couldn't have been happier with the service (actually, just the first 5 days.)  Apparently I hit their usage threshold after 5 days which resulted in my speeds being throttled to about 30-250kbps (yes, slower than a modem at times...)  I logged in to the customer portal and saw that I had only used about 8 Gb of data during that time.  That's not a lot these days with Netflix, Hulu Plus, etc.  Luckily I'm still within my 14-day return period so I'm definitely cancelling my CLEAR service and sending the equipment back.  It's a shame really, because the experience had been so positive up until the point I hit their data cap or whatever they call it.

UPDATE 2011-02-10:  Last friday (Feb 4,) I called to cancel the service.  The rep said she would "reset my account and equipment" and extend my 14 day trial period by 7 more days.  I decided to give it another try.  It's been fine since, but I am just now reaching the 8-9GB usage since the account reset, so the big test will be if things work well over this weekend.

UPDATE 2011-02-19:  I wound up cancelling the service a few days ago and sending everything back. After the account reset, the service worked fine for a few days then slowed to a crawl again.